12 Benefits of Cold Showers

A freezing cold shower isn’t the most welcoming sight first thing in the morning. But, if somebody told you that stepping into what is essentially an ice cave could be the key to glowing skin, glossy hair, boosted energy and even an improved immune system, you might see it differently.

A big benefit of having ice cold water pelted at your face is that it’s surprisingly good for your skin. Heat strips away the natural oils your skin produces, leaving it dry. That’s why our skin hates us during winter time when our radiators are on full-blast.

From day one, I noticed a difference to my skin. It felt tighter and my pores were smaller. If you live or work in a place with high levels of pollution, throwing some cold water on your face can be really beneficial. It stops the pollutants in the air absorbing into your skin so quickly.

Washing your hair with warm water is great. It opens up the hair follicles and helps the shampoo and conditioner give an even deeper cleanse. If you finish your hair wash off with a blast of cold water, it locks in the moisture by constricting the hair follicles.

Cold showers and ice baths are very popular amongst sportsmen and women. They’re a great (albeit cold) way to aid recovery, especially if you’re training for a marathon or a sporting event which calls for more regular and structured exercise.


  1. Promotes fat loss
  2. Improves immunity
  3. Gives better circulation
  4. Drains lymphatic system
  5. Promotes emotional resilience
  6. Lowers stress
  7. Lowers chances of depression
  8. Increases testosterone levels
  9. Improves fertility
  10. Promotes faster muscle recovery
  11. Enhances skin and hair
  12. Ensures better sleep at night